Article 01 - Applicability

1. These general terms and conditions for participation in PACKCONTACT (hereinafter referred to as: 'general terms and conditions') apply to all registrations and agreements for participation in PACKCONTACT (hereinafter referred to as: 'PACKCONTACT') and the by Packcontact bv. services provided and to be provided.

2. By registering the participant or participating in PACKCONTACT, the participant declares to have received the present terms and conditions and to agree to them.

3. General terms and conditions of the participant or of any trade association do not apply, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

4. Deviations from these general terms and conditions can only be agreed in writing by Packcontact bv.

5. Once these general terms and conditions apply, they also apply to new agreements between the parties without further explanation, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

6. If any provision of these general terms and conditions should prove to be non-binding for any reason, this will not affect the validity of the other provisions.

7. The Dutch text of these general terms and conditions, the agreement of participation in PACKCONTACT or any other relevant agreement between the parties is leading.

8. If a situation arises between the parties that is not regulated in these general terms and conditions, this situation must be assessed "in the spirit" of these general terms and conditions.

Article 02 - Participation

1. Registration and participation is possible and permitted for registered packaging producers, trading companies (hereinafter referred to as: 'participant (s)), at the minimum number of square meters (m2) of stand space set by Packcontact bv and at the amount per m2 set by Packcontact bv. stand space.
Packcontact bv reserves the right to request permission for participation upon registration
to refuse if a company does not fall within the nature of PACKCONTACT.

2. The participant is fully responsible and liable for the fulfillment of all obligations associated with participation and related to the registration of the participant.

3. The participant declares that he will accept all consequences of the registration that arise from the signing of the registration form, even if the signing was done by a person who is not authorized to sign.

4. Participation is strictly personal and non-transferable. The participant is not entitled to transfer his registration or participation to a third party.

Artikel 03 - Indeling, op- & afbouw standruimte

1. PACKCONTACT bv reserves the right to make the layout of the stand space (s) or the floor plan at its own discretion. This takes into account as much as possible the wishes of the participant (s), the surface area of ​​the exhibition floor to be effectively divided, etc.

2. The participant is responsible for the construction and dismantling of his stand space.

3. The participant must adhere to the set-up and breakdown times of PACKCONTACT, as stated in the exhibition information.

4. The layout of the stand space must remain within the number of square meters (m2) of stand space rented by the participant and the layout may not exceed 2.5 meters in height. Deviations from the dimensions of the stand space are only possible with the written approval of Packcontact bv.

5. The participant is not allowed to write on the walls of the stand space by means of ballpoints, markers, pencils, etc., nor to drill, screw, staple, nail and / or the walls of the stand space. to be covered with tape or any other fastening materials. In case of damage to the stand space and / or stand building materials, Packcontact bv is entitled to charge the participant for any repair, removal and / or cleaning costs.

6. The furnishing materials used by the participant must comply with the general fire regulations. Any combustible materials must be treated with fire retardant or fire resistant agents. The fire brigade will check the stand space for this before the start of the trade fair.

7. If the stand space has not been completed and / or vacated by the participant on the last day of the fair at 9 p.m., Packcontact bv is entitled to dismantle and vacate the stand space at the expense and risk of the participant and destroy existing products and / or goods.

Article 04 - Transport and quality of products & goods to be displayed

1. The participant is responsible for the transport and receipt of these products and goods within the times indicated by Packcontact bv. Packcontact bv does not accept any goods from the participant, nor is Packcontact bv liable for them in any way.

2. The participant is not allowed to transport products and goods to or from the stand space during the opening hours of Packcontact bv.

3. The products and goods to be exhibited by the participant at Packcontact bv must be of excellent quality.

4. Only the stand owner's finished product may be exhibited in the stand. Exhibiting other products is excluded and not allowed.

Article 05 - Crew & use of stand space

1. The stand space must be manned by the participant and / or his staff during the official opening hours of PACKCONTACT. Crewing of the stand space by third parties is not permitted

2. The participant must strictly comply with all relevant instructions given by Packcontact bv

3. The participant is not entitled:

  • To hand over the stand space in whole or in part to third parties or to use the stand space or have it used for a purpose other than that described in these general terms and conditions;
  • Make use of the stand space in such a way that other participants or visitors to the Handelsbeurs experience damage, nuisance and / or nuisance in any other form, including noise nuisance, all this at the discretion of Packcontact bv;
  • (Main) passages and / or emergency exits too obstructive. To make use of open, flowing, spraying and / or atomized water in or near the stand space, To use equipment, appliances, stoves, fireplaces and the like with open fire in or near the stand space
  • To use or store hazardous substances and / or goods, including highly flammable substances, gases or chemical pesticides or radioactive goods, in or near a stand space;
  • To smoke on the exhibition floor, in and / or around the stand space,
  • To consume and / or use alcohol, alcoholic drinks during the opening hours of the PACKCONTACT. Hand out flyers or other advertising or promotional material to visitors of Packcontact bv outside the stand space of the participant, unless the participant has permission from Packcontact bv.
  • The distribution of flyers etc. by the participant from their own stand space is allowed;
  • to request entrance fees or other compensation from visitors for visiting the stand space or attending demonstrations, presentations and the like;
  • To develop activities in or around its stand space that, in the opinion of Packcontact bv, can be harmful to PACKCONTACT, such as activities that are contrary to the law, public order and / or morality and activities that otherwise enhance the image of Packcontact bv or PACKCONTACT can cause damage;

Packcontact bv ensures that order is maintained on and during the Handelsbeurs. If the participant acts in violation of the present general terms and conditions, Packcontact bv is entitled to give the participant an oral or written warning and / or to immediately remove the participant and his staff from Packcontact bv and from further and future participation in to exclude the Packcontact bv, all this in the opinion of Packcontact bv.

4. Any questions and / or complaints from the participant during the Trade Fair can be made known to the employees of Packcontact bv present there and will be dealt with (as far as possible) by Packcontact bv. The participant can submit any questions and / or complaints during and / or after the Trade Fair via the email address of or via No. 0468 / 05.37.40 or No. 0477 / 97.12.87

Article 06 - Costs & payment

1. From the moment of registration by the participant for participation in PACKCONTACT by means of the registration form intended for this purpose or the conclusion of the agreement for participation in PACKCONTACT, the participant will pay the costs for stand rental and all other costs related to the participation of participant in Packcontact bv. due

2. The costs described in paragraph 1 of this article will be charged to the participant by Packcontact bv or collected via the administration number of the participant at Packcontact bv within four (4) weeks prior to the PACKCONTACT. If the participant rents goods or materials from Packcontact bv for use on PACKCONTACT, the amounts due for this purpose will be charged by Packcontact bv immediately after PACKCONTACT or collected from the participant via the administration number of the participant at Packcontact bv. stand builder, hired goods or materials must be settled directly between the participant and the relevant third party (ies).

3. The participant is liable for all to Packcontact bv
costs payable that are in any way related to his participation, regardless of whether these costs were incurred by the participant himself or third parties acting on behalf of or in the name of the participant.

4. If the participant has not paid costs or any other amount owed to Packcontact bv on account of or in connection with participation by participant in PACKCONTACT, Packcontact bv is entitled to:

  • To automatically charge the statutory interest, to be increased by 3% on an annual basis, without any further notice of default being required ”
  • To the extent applicable to cancel or terminate the (agreement of) participation with immediate effect at the expense of the participant.
  • Deny the participant access to the Handelsbeurs. In such a case, the participant remains obliged to pay all costs owed by the participant to Packcontact bv
    without the participant being able to claim any compensation for costs already paid or incurred and / or damage suffered as a result of the aforementioned cancellation or termination and / or denial of access to PACKCONTACT or otherwise;
  • Deny registration and participation by the participant in other fairs organized by or on behalf of PACKCONTACT.

Article 07 - Cancellation

Packcontact bv reserves the right, up to one (1) month before the start of PACKCONTACT, to cancel or dissolve the (agreement of) participation in PACKCONTACT by the participant in case:

  • Packcontact bv receives a (binding) instruction or regulation from a competent governmental body to Packcontact bv with regard to (the permit to) organize or set up the Handelsbeurs.
  • Of insufficient participants in the Handelsbeurs;
  • Force majeure, such as not reasonably foreseeable and / or unforeseeable circumstances outside the direct sphere of influence of Packcontact bv. In case PACKCONTACT cannot take place as a result of Corona measures imposed by the government (be it by a formal prohibition, albeit as a result of global measures that make the normal course of the fair impossible), this will be considered force majeure in any case. . “
  • Bankruptcy, suspension of payments or debt rescheduling of the participant or an application thereto;
  • In the event of closure or liquidation of the participant's company;
  • An act or omission of one of the parties in violation of the provisions of these general terms and conditions and / or in violation of the law or public order;
  • Changes to the circumstances and / or the insights at Packcontact bv, in such a way that Packcontact bv would not have allowed the registration or participation of a participant in PACKCONTACT if he was aware of these circumstances and / or insights.
    PACKCONTACT bv will inform the participant in writing (by email) of the cancellation, stating the reason. If and insofar as the participant has paid the participation costs and / or other costs in this respect to Packcontact bv, these costs will be refunded by Packcontact bv to the participant.
  • In the event of cancellation of the participation agreement by the participant, he must notify Packcontact bv in writing (by email).
  • In case of cancellation by the participant:
    1. After the closing date of the registration for the PACKCONTACT, the participant owes Packcontact bv 60% of the total amount of stand rental;
    2. Within three (3) months prior to PACKCONTACT, the participant owes Packcontact bv 50% of the total amount of stand rental;
    3. Within one (1) month prior to PACKCONTACT, the participant owes Packcontact bv 100% of the total amount of stand rent and / or other costs related to the cancellation by the participant, or the participant is not entitled refund of the aforementioned amounts and costs.

Article 08 - Liability

1. Packcontact bv accepts no liability for damage of any kind that the participant experiences or causes as a result of participation in PACKCONTACT.

2. Packcontact bv accepts no liability for damage suffered by the participant as a result of a cancellation by Packcontact bv as described in the general terms and conditions.

3. Packcontact bv is not liable for any damage as a result of its services in this respect, with the exception of, subject to damage directly caused by intent or deliberate recklessness of (an employee of) PACKCONTACT bv In the event of an error by employees of Packcontact bv who as intent or deliberate recklessness, the liability of Packcontact bv and its employees is limited to the costs charged for the service in question.

4. If the participant has failed to fulfill his responsibility or fulfill his obligations, Packcontact bv is under no circumstances liable for the resulting damage.

5. Packcontact bv does not take out insurance with regard to the participation of the participant in PACKCONTACT. The participant has his own responsibility in this matter. The participant confirms that he has liability insurance that covers the liability associated with participation in PACKCONTACT. PACKCONTACT bv may at all times request proof of such liability insurance from the participant. ”

6. The participant indemnifies Packcontact bv against claims from third parties related to the participant's participation in PACKCONTACT

7. Packcontact bv is not liable and cannot be held liable for loss, missing, theft of or damage to products and / or goods, including floriculture products, before, during and / or after PACKCONTACT.

Article 09 - Applicable law & disputes

1. These general terms and conditions, the (agreement of) participation or any other agreement in the context of participation in PACKCONTACT between parties, of which these terms and conditions are part, are exclusively governed by Belgian law.

2. All disputes that arise between Packcontact bv and the participant related to or arising from (the agreement of) participation in PACKCONTACT, these general terms and conditions or any other relevant agreement, will be settled by the competent court of the Ondernemingsrechtbank, division 8500 Kortrijk.